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Pipeline Integrity and Maintenance Services including Cathodic Protection and Vacuum Excavation

Shorted Casing Remediation

shorted pipeline casing
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Pipeline Casing

Shorted Casings Consume Valuable CP Current

Pipeline operators are required to test casings on a routine basis for a good reason; a shorted casing to the pipeline will rob the pipeline of valuable cathodic protection current and lead to an increased potential for corrosion in and adjacent to the casing. Casings can end up shorted for many reasons.

Often the casing and pipeline wires become damaged and make contact to each other. The casing spacers may have collapsed or deteriorated allowing metal components to make the electrical path between casing and pipe. Misalignment of the casing and pipeline can also cause a short.

At Point Integrity, we are experienced at testing for shorts and remediating the shorted problem to allow for full CP system performance.

In the rare case where a short cannot be removed, such as in internal short on a line that cannot be removed from service, Point Integrity can fill the casing with a dielectric wax to minimize the corrosive environment within the casing.

Point Integrity's engineering staff can perform bending stress calculations for movement of in-service pipelines to develope a written and detailed remediation plan prior to construction kickoff. Safe stress levels are then maintained in the pipeline during movement activities to achieve a safe and long lasting solution to a shorted casing.

For more information on Point Integrity's casing remediation services, please give us a call.

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