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Pipeline Integrity and Maintenance Services including Cathodic Protection and Vacuum Excavation

Cathodic Protection Services

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linear anode in culvert

As part of your total solution to pipeline integrity, our firm can be your partner with extensive cathodic protection knowledge and proven industry experience. While the most common methods are detailed below, our representative will assess your situation and provide appropriate ground bed design and installation services for your specific project.

Cathodic Protection Ground Beds

At Point Integrity, we have experience working with both galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems. Most operators are faced with ground bed design issues due to environmental permitting and land acquisition or leasing difficulties. We can provide unique and innovative

design and installation techniques to aid in the development and permitting phases of your project.

Galvanic Cathodic Protection Ground Beds — Typically consist of metals (less noble than steel) attached to the pipeline by a wire where the natural voltage potential between the two metals makes for current flow from the anode through the ground to the pipeline. This causes the potential of the pipeline to become more negative and slows the pipeline’s corrosion rate. Galvanic cathodic protection ground beds are commonly used for protection of valve sites, shorted casings, and newer piping in low to moderate resistivity soils. Galvanic cathodic protection ground beds are normally installed as close-coupled anodes to the protected structure.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Ground Beds — Typically consist of an external DC power supply that is powered by AC current. This DC power supply provides more current for protecting larger sections of pipeline.The output capacity of an impressed current ground bed ranges from a few amps to as much as hundreds of amps, depending on the amount of current needed. Impressed ground beds are commonly

used to protect large areas of pipeline, in lines with degraded coating, and in all soil resistivity types.

Four types of impressed ground beds are typical in our industry.

1. Remote from the protected structure by hundreds of feet.

2. Deep wells from one to several hundred feet below the pipeline.

3. Close-coupled in station yards or very difficult to protect sections of pipeline.

4. Linear running parallel and in segments beside a pipeline.

We have utilized the Hi-Low Groundbed — High CP Impact with Low land disturbance. For areas where land disturbance is unacceptable, we can offer a unique directional boring system, which minimizes disturbance yet offers high CP current effectiveness.

Whatever your groundbed situation, Point Integrity can help.

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