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Pipeline Integrity and Maintenance Services including Cathodic Protection and Vacuum Excavation

AC Corrosion and Mitigation

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Multiple Use Utility Corridors May Produce Hidden And Agressive Threats

Professionals at Point Integrity understand the importance of using mitigation systems in order to improve safety and/or control corrosion on pipelines affected by AC interference.

At Point Integrity we understand that AC interference is of concern for two very important reasons:

Personnel Safety • Step and Touch Potentials at 15 volts AC and above

• Conductive coupling from AC fault currents and lightning strikes

Accelerated Corrosion • Can be very severe at current densities above 20 Amps / M^2

We understand that Personnel Safety is a concern for not only people working on the pipeline, but for the general population located in close proximity to the interference.

Points of potential dangerous situations include:

• Above ground piping including block valves, bypass piping and pigging facilities

• Appurtenances such as valve operators, CP test stations and casing vent pipes

• Below ground piping where a cut during construction activities causes a “hot spot” for AC voltage accumulation.

OSHA Standard 2207, part 1926 along with NACE RP-0177-2000 both discuss keeping AC open circuit potentials below 15 volts AC rms to minimize potential dangers of excessive current flow through the human body.

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